Bushcraft, Youtube, and Plastic Bottle Underwear with Dan Wowak - Episode 3

I, like you (most likely) spend some time browsing youtube every once in a while to check if anyone I know has posted new videos. On top of that, one common question I get while I’m out teaching bushcraft is “who do you recommend on youtube.” Sometimes I’ve struggled with this. I know so many great folks making videos, but who will be right for this specific person to learn from, taking their age, and experience level into consideration.

Thankfully, we have some people like my buddy Dan Wowak.

Dan in a life-long woodsman from Pennsylvania. He runs a bushcraft school for a living, (check out coalcrackerbushcraft.com for more information) he makes leather goods and knives, and of course, he has a great youtube channel. Dan’s videos are fun, and they’re a safe recommendation for beginners, because he keeps them short, informative, and entertaining.

You may know Dan from his stint on HISTORY’s hit survival Show “ALONE” where he lasted 51 days solo in the back country of Patagonia.

During this interview we discuss the topic of making quality survival videos, his bushcraft courses, as always, it’s a good time. Sit back and enjoy my talk with Dan Wowak

Dan’s Website <<<< this is where you buy the world’s finest plastic bottle shirts

Dan’s Youtube Channel 

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