Life Under Open Skies, Into The Wild with Tony Nester

Tony Nester has been studying wilderness survival from the north woods of Wisconsin to the deserts of Arizona for decades. Although I think he’s pretty cool based on his educational credentials alone, his claim to fame comes from the time he consulted and trained Emile Hirsch, the actor who played Christopher McCandless in the Oscar nominated movie, Into The Wild. 

Tony spent years of his life in the bush, teaching from wilderness therapy programs to semester long college level programs. He’s also an accomplished author of many books, including my favorites “the modern hunter gatherer” and “life under open skies” see the show notes on for links to those. 

As a side note, this interview was done months ago, before I switched over to my current audio setup, so the quality is a bit lower than you’re used to if you’ve been listening to this podcast. That said, Tony provides an enormous amount of value, and this isn’t an episode to miss! 

During our time together we discussed becoming a survival instructor, how to hone your wilderness skills, and becoming an indie author, but we kick things off by talking about his amazing opportunity to consult on Sean Penn’s film, Into The Wild. 

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