Being part of ALONE was an epic adventure in itself, but it was also a stepping stone to more adventures.

As a writer, bushcraft instructor, and dad, my life is a constant adventure, even if that adventure is just playing with my kids in the woods. My passion to teach the world about living in the wilderness has only grown stronger over the years, which is a big reason why I started my business Woodsong Wilderness Education. I feel so grateful for the experiences that I’ve had, and all the lessons that I’ve learned from the natural world.

I’ll end with a message to those who are new to the “wilderness world.”

Going into the woods was the best thing that I’ve ever done. My experiences in nature have taught me how to be self reliant in the forest, but they’ve also taught me how to love deeper, think clearer, and slow down to enjoy the small things. Don’t be intimidated by the wilderness, or the vast world of wilderness living skills. Author and conservationist Bill McKibben once said, “One could spend a lifetime learning a small range of mountains, and once upon a time people did.” This is exactly the attitude that we need to have when it comes to learning these skills. We don’t need fancy equipment or exotic locations. Simply being in nature (being alone in particular) is all it takes. Everyone starts somewhere, and I hope that you’ll let the teachings of this website be a small part of what drove you to learn about and love the wilderness. It would be an honor.

Let’s share a fire sometime,

Sam Larson