A Quick Intro

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Sam is a bushcraft instructor, author, and speaker, with years of experience in a variety of wilderness environments. More importantly, he is a husband, and a father.

He could also be described as a slow reader, athletically challenged, and morbidly afraid of being indoors.

At 18, Sam chose to go to the wilderness, rather than inevitably flunking out of college. At 24 Sam became the youngest winner of the world’s most difficult and dangerous survival reality tv challenge, ALONE, on HISTORY.

Sam is the founder and lead instructor for Woodsong Wilderness Education, a company that specializes is wilderness skills courses, and consulting. Learn more at woodsongwilderness.com

My Story

Sam got his first taste of solitude when he set out to cross the Gila Wilderness of New Mexico with little more than a knife and a ramen packet. His goal was to traverse what many call the largest and most rugged wilderness in the southwestern United States. After 2 days of hiking Sam’s trail disappeared due to a wildfire, forcing him to take on a marathon hike back to the trailhead. To make matters worse, his water source turned out to be dry. To this day, Sam calls this his closest brush with death. After trekking for 36 hours, melting handfuls of snow in a salvaged coffee can, Sam managed to reach the trailhead. During the journey he experienced severe hallucinations, forcing him to the brink of insanity. As he describes it, the only thing he took comfort in were the beautiful voices of the wolves as they howled back and forth throughout the night. Upon reaching safety, Sam traveled to the opposite side of the wilderness, and finished the traverse via a less-charred route.

One day as he was carving a paddle in his apartment garage he received a call from a casting assistant. She told him that she had read one of his blog articles, and wondered if he didn’t mind auditioning for a new show.