Eat Bear Poo, or Cuddle a Non-consenting Sheep... You Decide! Why Bear Gryll's New Show is the Best and Worst Survival Show Yet!

When I was in high school I wanted to be just like Bear Grylls. I wanted to run through the wilderness while taking on crazy “survival” challenges. I wanted to look cool, run a lot (for no apparent reason), and eat crazy stuff, all in the name of adventure.

Then, I grew up… a little.

As a career bushcraft instructor I guess you could say that I AM living out that dream, but in a different way. I focus on slowing down and letting nature teach, rather doing crazy stuff in front of a camera. That said, I am still a huge Bear Grylls fan. Bear is well known to the survival community for his unsafe teaching style and history of less-than-legal/truthful film work, but it doesn’t change the fact that he’s an enormously experienced explorer, and father, who is constantly encouraging kids to get outdoors.

So of course, when Netflix wouldn’t stop shoving advertisements for Bear Grylls new show “You vs Wild” down my throat, I said “why not?” and gave it a shot. Overall, it was definitely worth my time. Here’s why…

This show is ridiculous, in good ways and bad.

The good? Bear visits beautiful, exotic locations that are a joy to watch. As always, he is an talented presenter and captivating story teller. After watching him run around in the jungle it’s impossible to stay indoors yourself! He just makes exploring the wilderness look so darn fun.

The bad? Bear is constantly presenting you with ridiculously illogical “survival” decisions, at which point he turns to the camera and states “you decide!”

No Bear. I do not think that you should do either of those things. I do not think that you should try to climb with a moldy rope, or wrestle a sheep to the ground to stay warm. Also, why couldn’t you just take your helicopter to the village yourself? Why didn’t you bring any extra food with you? There are these things called granola bars and they’re way better than rinsed off poop.

That said, it is extremely fun to watch this show with my four year old, who has no idea why this man on the TV will do whatever he says. At one point my son even turned to me and said, “daddy, I don’t think he should do either of those things.”

Well done my boy… well done.

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